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Jet File

Jet file is also a smart development in Electronic Adjudication Management System (EAMS), where Jet File performs the function of online application submission as electronic filing. It is very useful when multiple forms are to be submitted and currently Jet File facilitates following six forms that can be filed and submitted at a time:

  • Application of Adjudication of Claim.
  • DOR - Declaration of Readiness to Proceed (to hearing).
  • DOR (Expedited) - Declaration of Readiness to Proceed (to expedited trial).
  • Compromise and Release – C&R.
  • Stipulation with Request for Award.
  • Notice and Request for Allowance of Lien.

Information Technology is always aimed at simplicity and uplifting the standard of life, in the same way EAMS was big step towards upgrading data management service and filing process in beginning that came with two facilities of JET File and E-forms to simplify the filing and claiming process.


  • The Electronic Adjudication Management System (EAMS) is aimed to streamline the process of File creation, setting of hearings, and serving decisions making process, awards and orders.
  • Improved and easy access to case records while preserving confidentiality of the worker.
  • Savings in terms of cost and time for DWC Exchange, information brokers and clients (general public).
  • Elimination of waste by reducing delays and minimizing chances of errors and duplications.
  • Reduction in file storage cost and other shipping costs associated with paper based approach.


Description Price
Form Submission $1.09
Info from Edex $0.99
Jet Filing

Free Additional Services

  • Hearing Calendar
  • Closing Order/OAC&R Status Report
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