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Electronic Data Exchange Services(EDEX)

EDEX is a medium that bridges the need of information flow among DWC approved vendors and their clients. The details of cases in Worker's Compensation Appeal Board and the summary of individual worker are accessible through Electronic Data Exchange (EDEX). Information brokers are deemed to be approved vendors of DWC in order to have authorized access to the data bank of former and granted credentials along with necessary IT specifications to have EDEX installed for their use and client's assistance. Now EDEX comes with benefits that save time, cost and provide quality in the processing of Lien Claims.

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Jet Filing

Jet file is also a smart development in Electronic Adjudication Management System (EAMS), where Jet File performs the function of online application submission as electronic filing. It is very useful when multiple forms are to be submitted and currently Jet File facilitates six forms that can be filed and submitted at a time.

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